April 15, 2013

Practically Martha Decorates Her Apartment

My head has been elsewhere the past two months.  Which means that my hands have not been busy crafting and creating things.  Which means I have less to blog about.  As the chart below scientifically proves, break-ups are bad for creativity. 
Practically Martha Site Traffic

What I have been doing is decorating my new apartment and filling my walls with new artwork.  And in this Etsy and Pinterest era we live in...cute stuff is just a keystroke away.  As I find my way back to my crafty self, I figured I'd share some of my fun finds in the meantime.

American Buffalo (The Animal Print Shop)

I'm in love with this little buffalo, my college mascot from The University of Colorado.  The Animal Print Shop has dozens of cute animal photos ranging from piglets to prairie dogs, all against a clean white background.  These would look adorable in a baby's nursery or any animal lover's home...

Girl With Bun - Elizabeth Mayville (Etsy)

Everything about this portrait is 'me'...the messy bun, the auburn hair, the striped shirt.  And yet this print is so versatile in that you're seeing the back of an anonymous person's head...it could be anyone...including me!  

You Get In Life - Marlos de Vries (Society6)

Since I'm busy livin' my best life, my apartment wouldn't have been complete without a few words of wisdom from my favorite life guru...Oprah.  

Holocene III - Harper Smith Photography (Society6)
My uber-talented friend Harper took the photo above and I love its tranquil feeling.  Naturally, I had to have it. 

TV Quotes - Paper Chat & Creative Sobriety

Being the big TV nerd that I am, the 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation posters make me feel warm and fuzzy.  Etsy is filled with these type of odes to shows with cult-followings: Arrested Development, Community, Seinfeld and more!

First Aid Kit Poster
I've developed a bit of an obsession with the band First Aid Kit - two Swedish sisters singing beautiful folk music.  I loved their tarot-card-like poster above...even though it's also a little Shining twins-like.