February 2, 2013

Tattooed Tea Towel

I'm giddy with excitement about my latest embroidery project and wanted to share with you.  I started it a few weeks ago on my trip to North Carolina and have been chipping away, stitch-by-stitch ever since. 

I bought the tattoo pattern from Sublime Stitching, along with the plain white demi towel and used lots of brightly colored threads.  The pattern came with color recommendations but I much prefer mixing and matching my own.  Most sections are done with a simple running or stem stitch, with some of the sections filled in with a satin stitch, including the birds' beaks and blood drop.  

Stay tuned for more stitchy crafts coming soon, including a stamped & stitched piece of embroidery hoop art I'm making for my friend's little baby-to-be.