December 1, 2012

Sugar & Spice...And All Things Nice

My nieces Olivia and Charlotte are two of the most important things in my life.  It has brought me immeasurable joy being their aunt and watching their unique little personalities develop.   

Olivia, 7,  is imaginative, precocious and oh-so-sensitive (like her auntie).  She's the consummate helper and a budding fashionista on the verge of losing her adorable 'baby' voice and becoming a full fledged, smart-as-a-whip girly girl.  Charlotte, 3,  is a little ball of energy and physical, playful, affectionate, wide-eyed and sweet.  Her favorite things are baby animals, My Little Pony's Pinkie Pie and cookies.   I want to stop time and bottle them both up exactly as they are.  They are utterly perfect. 

Though I digress, there is a crafting moral to this story. 

Last year, I started the tradition of making these two special little gals an annual cross stitch Christmas ornament.  I hope these are trinkets they will have for years to come and use to decorate their own Christmas trees one day.  

For 2012, I made them matching reindeer ornaments.  This year, I made them the jewel-toned companion pieces below based on the popular (albeit ironic) nursery rhyme 'What Are Little Boys Made Of.'  

I've uploaded the pattern I made here in case any of my fellow crafters feel like re-creating for the little girls in their lives.