November 18, 2012

Mason Jar Snowglobes

I have a total obsession with mason jars.  I love their antique look and they have a million different uses: vases, pencil holders, as drinking cups, to collect small odds and ends and more!  I've also been itching to use them for my latest crafting project: Christmas snow globes I saw in Martha Stewart a while back...especially now that Anthropologie is selling them for a small fortune - $40 each - yikes!! 

To make your own wintery snow globe wonderland, you'll need mason jars, glitter, a hot glue gun and various holiday trees and figurines (which you can find at a craft store and are almost always 40% off).  For my series of snow globes, I could only find little white trees so painted them green using a sponge brush, but you could always leave white depending on the look you want.

First, remove the lid from your mason jar and lay it on a flat surface.  Arrange your figurines on the inside of the lid, then simply hot glue them down to secure.  You want to leave a little bit of space between your figurines and the edge of the lid so test placing the jar over them to make sure they fit in smoothly.  

Then, add a few tablespoons of glitter inside the jar.  I used mainly white but also a bit of silver sparkles.  Fill the mason jar with water, screw the lid on tight and turn upside down!