November 30, 2012

BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza

Ryan and I have always been really good about cooking for dinner (vs. ordering in or eating out).  This usually means that we don't eat until 8:30 or so because of our work schedules but 9 times out of 10, we whip something up at home.  I try to make recipes that will last us for at least two meals so we have something to bring for lunch the next day. 

Despite having a laundry list of go-to recipes...we're always trying to brainstorm new tasty options.  Yesterday, I experimented with the BBQ pulled pork pizza below and it turned out incredibly well so wanted to share.  It's ridiculously easy to make and only involved about 10 minutes of prep time and 20 minutes of baking. Bon Appetit!

  • Trader Joe's pre-made pizza dough
  • Trader Joe's pulled pork 
  • BBQ sauce
  • Mexican cheese blend
  • Red/yellow peppers
  • Corn
  • Arugula
  • Stretch your pizza dough out on to a lightly greased cookie sheet, pizza stone or jelly roll pan. 
  • Spread on BBQ sauce as your base. 
  • Top with cheese, veggies and pulled pork!
  • Bake at 425 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

November 21, 2012

Ho Ho Ho Holiday Letter Bunting

I know that it's not even Thanksgiving but I'm already giddy with excitement for Christmas and all the fun crafts, baking, gift-giving and decorating that the holiday brings.  

Last year, I made these hanging bulb ornaments for my mantle.  This year, I wanted to make something new...just for the fun of it!

I decided on the glittery ho-ho-ho lettered banner below.  It's festive and colorful and sparkly and kinda random, if you ask me...which I love.

All I did was print two large letters - and 'H' and an 'O' - on plain white paper to use as my template.  I cut the letters out and then traced on to the back of my glitter paper.  Using an Xacto knife, I cut out each glitter letter, then hole punched the tops to run ribbon through.  Voila!

November 18, 2012

Mason Jar Snowglobes

I have a total obsession with mason jars.  I love their antique look and they have a million different uses: vases, pencil holders, as drinking cups, to collect small odds and ends and more!  I've also been itching to use them for my latest crafting project: Christmas snow globes I saw in Martha Stewart a while back...especially now that Anthropologie is selling them for a small fortune - $40 each - yikes!! 

To make your own wintery snow globe wonderland, you'll need mason jars, glitter, a hot glue gun and various holiday trees and figurines (which you can find at a craft store and are almost always 40% off).  For my series of snow globes, I could only find little white trees so painted them green using a sponge brush, but you could always leave white depending on the look you want.

First, remove the lid from your mason jar and lay it on a flat surface.  Arrange your figurines on the inside of the lid, then simply hot glue them down to secure.  You want to leave a little bit of space between your figurines and the edge of the lid so test placing the jar over them to make sure they fit in smoothly.  

Then, add a few tablespoons of glitter inside the jar.  I used mainly white but also a bit of silver sparkles.  Fill the mason jar with water, screw the lid on tight and turn upside down!  

November 4, 2012

Pine Cone Napkin Rings

This past week, I brought out my sewing machine to make my very first set of napkins using an orange feather print I found at Sew Modern.  The napkins themselves are not my finest project but I'm in love with the accompanying pine cone napkin rings I made.  They were relatively simple to make and would be a great Thanksgiving hostess gift this fall.

To make your own set, you'll need the following supplies:
  • Mini Pine Cones.  You can find these are your craft store, usually in a bag of roughly a dozen. 
  • Brown Floral Wire Stems.  Like these but brown.  I went for a thicker gauge to make sturdier. 
  • Craft/Washi Tape in the color of your choice.
  • Hot Glue Gun
First, you'll need to attach the floral wire to the base of your pine cone using hot glue.  I made a small loop using the top of the  wire and then just glued on.  To make extra secure, I swirled another inch or so of the wire around the original circle, gluing as I went.  If the visibility of the hot glue bothers you, you could cut out a small round piece of brown felt to glue over the wire. 

Next, take your craft tape and glue on to the wire as close to the pine cone base that you can get.  Then, simply wrap around the wire until you've covered about 6".  Trim off any excess wire stem. 

Now you have your completed napkin ring!  You can twist and shape the wire around your napkin however you like.