October 6, 2012

Spray Painted Animal Ornaments

Growing up, my sisters and I each had one of those jumbo holiday popcorn tins filled with the Christmas ornaments we had collected over the years.  Conspicuously absent were the shiny bulbs, candy canes and felted reindeer.  The thing I loved most about our ornaments was how random they were: mini porcelain dolls, Radio Flyer wagons, glittery pine cones, carousal horses, musical instruments and sets of skis.  

When my 2-year-old niece Charlotte came to visit a few months ago, she was obsessed with these little rubber toy animals we found at the craft store.  They come in a long tube of roughly a dozen in themes like Farm Animals, Dogs & Cats, Dinosaurs and Sea Creatures.

After seeing a similar set on Pinterest, I decided to make my own Christmas trinkets using...wait for it...the rubber animals!  It was ridiculously easy and they definitely fit with my vision of having my own set of random ass ornaments as an adult.  Here's how you can make your own.

Step 1 - Grab a teeny eye bolt.  The rubber in your animal should be soft enough that you can literally just screw it right in.  If not, poke a little hole first using a push pin or thumbtack.  If you're using larger animals (they sell ones that are about 4"...these are about 2") you may need to drill a hole first and use a larger eye bolt. 

Step 2 - Spray paint them!  I went for silver and gold but am thinking of doing another batch with bright, shiny reds and greens or even neons.

Step 3 - Loop a thin piece of ribbon through the hook, tie off in a bow, knot or with a few sewn stitches to secure and you're done!