October 13, 2012

How To Make An Envelope Pillow

Last year, Ryan bought me a sewing machine as a gift.  Although I've only used it a handful of times, it's one of my most prized possessions.  I've been on a mission to improve my sewing skills these past few months so have been taking lessons, including the envelope pillow class I took last weekend at Sew Modern.  I'm obsessed with this place.  They have the cutest, most stylish fabrics and their amazing owner, Lauren, is pretty much living my dream: running her own business and getting to craft/create stuff all day long. 

Although the envelope pillow was so ridiculously easy to make, I have never been more proud of a project in my life!  Here's how you can make one too...

  • Measure your pillow!  Mine was 17" so all the measurements below are based on that size.
  • Cut one 17x17" piece.  This will be the front of your pillow (grey chevron for mine) so if you want to use two different fabrics, make sure the large piece is the piece you want facing front.
  • Next, you'll cut two smaller pieces that will overlap on the back side to make your envelope.  To calculate your measurements for these pieces, divide the size of your pillow in half.  In this case, 8½".  Add 4" to get 12½". This extra 4" on each piece will provide enough fabric to make a hem and then overlap to make your 'envelope' opening.  For this pillow you'll cut two smaller 12½ x17" pieces.

  • Take one of your 12½x17" pieces.  You want to make a hem on one of the longer edges.  To do this, fold the black line below to the first red line (½") and then again to the second red line (½").

  • You should now have a ½" fold of fabric.  Sew down the middle to create your hem.  Repeat on your other piece of 12½x17" fabric. 

  • Now, you're almost ready to finish you pillow!  Place your 17x17" piece right side up (the side of your fabric that you'll want showing on the front of your finished pillow).  Place your two smaller pieces of fabric right side down with the hemmed edges overlapping.  In the picture below, the blue/green lines represent the hemmed edges of the blue/green fabric pieces.

  • Sew around all four edges, about ¼" in.  Use pinking shears to cut off the excess fabric and to prevent fraying.  You can also snip a triangle of fabric off each corner to help make the corners less bulky.  
  • Turn your finished piece inside out and then stuff it with your pillow!