October 13, 2012

Gold Paper Mâché Bowls

I came across this brilliant project by Kelli Murray via Craft Gawker and knew I had to make one of these gold paper mâché bowls immediately.  I love when I find crafty projects that I literally would NEVER have thought of on my own.  It blows my mind.  Who would ever conceive a shiny gold bowl using a balloon, newspaper and Mod Podge?!

I won't attempted to re-create her blog post because it's fantastic.  The only thing I modified for my version was that I used gold spray paint + Martha Stewart's liquid gilding instead of the gold leaf (shit is expensive).  I then added the polka dots using a pencil eraser and some paint.  

My newest little creation is already sitting on my nightstand holding some of my jewelry. :)


Shavonda said...

I was just over at kelli's version and saw the link to yours. I love yours too! I really like the modifications you made. Awesome. Now I've really got to try it!

Jen Orsini said...

OMG, isn't this the perfect little holiday gift for the friend who says "don't give me anything this year, let's just have coffee some morning" yeah, right! (thank you for posting this, I'm seriously going to try it out)

E said...

Thanks gals! This was such a fun craft and I highly recommend. :)