September 24, 2012

Kate Spade + Paperless Post = Yes, Please

The Charlotte York part of me* is giddy from the announcement that Kate Spade has created a line of greetings for Paperless Post.  


Sometimes, stuff from Kate Spade gets a little prissy for my taste. Like a hybrid of what Suri Cruise + An American Girl Doll + Betty Draper would wear.  These cards, however, are colorful and sparkly and make me happy inside.  They're fancy because they're Kate Spade and their casual because they're an online card.  They're perfect.

*If I were an amalgamation of all four Sex & The City characters, I would be about 30% Carrie (adorably neurotic), 30% Charlotte (modern Mary Poppins), 20% Miranda (driven career woman) and 20% Samantha (no comment). 


Christine said...

Could we BE more excited about electronic invitations?!