September 16, 2012

90 Degrees & Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.  I love the changing colors outside, the scary movie repeats on TV, kids and dogs dressed in costume, yummy seasonal lattes at Starbucks and generally just all the smells and recipes that start to arrive with fall: mulled cider and nutmeg and apples and dried leaves. It almost makes me miss living somewhere that has 4 real seasons.

Los Angeles - on the other hand - is experiencing some incredibly hot weather for September, which makes doing Halloween crafts a bit odd.  Unfazed by the scorching temperatures, I've been determined to whip up some fall crafts to dress up our apartment.

I landed on on a pumpkin decorating project using the plain, pre-painted craft pumpkins below from Target.  My vision was to make something that I could bring out year after year instead of having to carve and then throw away fresh ones. 

In addition to your pumpkins, you'll also need some crafty supplies: paint brushes, paint pens, glitter, a pencil and some Mod Podge.  

For the orange pumpkin, I first drew the outline of a bat for guidance.  I may do the Sunday crossword in pen but I don't have the same risky attitude with my crafts. ;) If a bat isn't what you're looking could try any number of Halloween images: a spiderweb, witch's hat, ghost, tombstone, black cat, etc.  Once your design is ready, fill it in with paint and top with heaps of glitter.  You can also add a coat of Mod Podge once the paint is dry to seal everything in. 

For the black pumpkin, I free handed the word 'BOO' using the white paint pen (on top of pencil, naturally).  Normally I would use a stencil for lettering to ensure a precise look but I didn't have one large enough and was too lazy to make one.

Last but not least...the little cream pumpkin.  This was definitely the easiest of the three as I just used the orange paint to fill in alternating segments of the pumpkin to make stripes.  That's it! 

In total, I spent probably 3 hours making the goodies below and I'll hopefully pull them out from storage every Halloween!