July 15, 2012

Sew Modern

Sewing is something that I'm sure Martha Stewart is a pro at.  I imagine that in between canning preserves and mixing up homemade cleaning supplies she artfully creates her own duvets, curtains and Project Runway-worthy garments without batting an eye.  

Reality check.  Sewing is f--king hard!  

I learned this after Ryan bought me a beautiful sewing machine as a gift and after several frustrating sessions of stitches that were too tight, too loose or seriously pathetic Charlie Brown Christmas tree looking projects it sat collecting dust in our hall closet for months. 

Determined to master a skill that even children can learn*, I dusted off my Janome** and coerced my friends Erin and Melissa to join me for a baby blanket making class.  (yes, it's as dorky as it sounds) 

We met up at Sew Modern, which is officially the most darling little store ever.

We picked out our fabrics from among the rows and rows of beautiful prints and patterns.  The store is really affordable considering the quality and cuteness of their selection.  Most fabrics are around $10-13/yard which - when you consider all the ugly stuff at Joann's Fabric is $8-10 - is a steal.  There's also more premium items in the $15-$20 range, as well as a lot of 20-40% off sale pieces too.  Needless to say, there's something for every price range.

We got to work cutting and pinning our fabrics.

And then headed over to our machines to start sewing!

We each had a few little setbacks - trying to sew around a curved edge, my machine was threaded improperly so made some hideous stitches that had to be ripped out - but owner and class instructor Lauren patiently helped us each mend our mistakes.

But by the end, we each had a cute little blanket to gift to one lucky little baby!

(ignore our makeup-less faces...it was a Saturday)

Highly recommend going over to Sew Modern for a class of your own.  Check out their class schedule here, along with their online shop!

* That's not a child labor joke.  They literally have sewing summer camp for elementary school kids at the place we took our class.   

** Ryan's mom was a home ec teacher and swears by the Janome brand.  Unlike Singer or Brother, Janome is still made with metal parts which makes it super durable vs it's mostly-plastic competitors.  I credit this priceless tip with getting me an A+ machine that will last for years to come.