July 8, 2012

Hello, First Embroidery Adventure

I've wanted to try embroidery for ages but got so obsessed with cross stitching that I never got around to learning.  After seeing some beautiful pieces on Etsy (here, here, here and here) I decided to give it a try. 

As my first project, I decided to stitch up a cute Dachshund for my dear friend, Tita.  She's a loyal cat owner but wants a little wiener dog named Pickles.  How cute is that?!

To make your own embroidery artwork, you'll need the image of your choice, fabric, needles, thread, an embroidery hoop, scissors, a pen and tracing paper.  Clearly, my photo below is missing a few props... :)

Lay your fabric on a flat surface.  Place your tracing paper face down and your image on top of it.  Using a ballpoint pen, trace over your image, pressing down firmly.  You'll be left with a chalk-like outline that you'll be able to stitch over. 

Secure your fabric in your embroidery hoop.  I usually place a few dabs of super glue on the inside to set it permanently. 

Next, grab your embroidery needle and floss.  I used 4 strands for the project below but you could use anywhere from 2-6 depending on the thickness of your fabric and the size of your needle.  If you aren't familiar with sewing or embroidery...check out these two great tutorials (here and here). 

Go around your pattern using the stitch of your choice.  I went for a split stitch, which gives a more textured look.  You start by making a single stitch.  Let's say about 1/10th of an inch in length.  Bring your needle back up through the center of that stitch and then down again another 1/10th of an inch away.  It's a one step forward, 1/2 a step back type of technique.  

After making my embroidery debut with the piece above, I was hooked and spent the better part of Saturday experimenting with different stitches, fabrics, needles and thread thicknesses. Below are a few other projects I finished! 


jessica v said...

i am SO excited about my pickles voris. it is the cutest thing and i love the colors.

E said...

Yay, I'm so glad you like it! :)

LeahJill said...

These are so freaking cute!!!