July 1, 2012

Gold Dipped Vase

I'm obsessed with all things gold.  Jewelry, eye shadow, nail polish, clothing, home decor...you name it.  Naturally, when I spied some gold spray paint at Michael's a few months ago, I snatched it up immediately...not quite knowing what I'd use it for but knowing that it was something I needed in my arsenal of craft supplies.  

Luckily, I had a white ceramic vase that needed a makeover.

To give your vase (or any object for that matter) a dipped look, grab some masking tape and the spray paint of your choice. 

Tape off the portion of your vase that you don't want painted.  It doesn't have to look pretty...just make sure that everything is covered nicely.

Stand your vase right-side-up and start covering with a thin layer of spray paint, making sure you're even in your application.  Let it dry for a few minutes and then apply a second coat. 

After completely dry, remove the masking tape and you're ready to display with some pretty flowers of your choice.  I'm partial to Asiatic Lilies because of they're smaller and seem to last longer than traditional Lilies.  :)


Sarah said...

This is super cute Erin!