July 12, 2012

Clothing Line Photo Display

In the digital age, it's a constant challenge to remember to print photos - not to mention put them in albums.  I love the option of making a photo album on Shutterfly or Apple but there's something wonderful about having a physical, individual snapshot on display. 

In an effort to add a more personal touch to my office, I decided to make the below clothing line display for my pictures.  It's a creative, inexpensive way to hang a ton of photos.  All you need is some jute twine, push pins mini clothes pins and spray paint (optional).  

Determine the width you'd like and cut twine to size.  Tie a little knot at the end and anchor in the wall using your push pin.  For the clothing pins, you could leave their natural color or customize with spray paint.  I went with traditional white.  Then, simply clip on your photos and you're done!

I'm planning on adding a third row eventually but ran out of pins and wanted to get something up in the meantime.  Hope you enjoy!