May 5, 2012

Painted Chevron Flour Sack Towel

I am obsessed with all things chevron.  I've been dying to paint a wall of our apartment with chevron stripes but figured I'd start out on a slightly smaller scale first.  So I grabbed a small flour sack towel, some masking tape, paint and a brush and got to work.

Using my masking, I made a few rows of stripes in varying sizes.  This wasn't an exact science.  I kept the pieces of tape the same length and more or less eyeballed the layout.

Lay a trash bag down flat and put your flour sack towel on top to avoid any paint seepage on to whatever surface you're working on.  Pick your first color and then just start painting it on with a little sponge brush.  I like using these because they're inexpensive and easy to clean.  Plus, they worked great on the towel fabric and aren't streaky like brushes can be.

Keep painting until all of your stripes are filled up!

After the paint is completely dry, peel your tape off to reveal what are sure to be your perfect little chevron stripes!


Christine said...

I love this! Maybe we could paint table runners or placemats for our holiday craft this year?