May 24, 2012

Burrata + Cantaloupe + Prosciutto + Arugula = Happy Place

Before I was bitten by the cooking bug sometime after college, my idea of a homemade salad was some bland iceberg lettuce with tomato, cucumber and some ranch dressing.  It's honestly a miracle that I developed any sort of culinary skill... 

Now, whenever I'm at a restaurant (even when I have zero intention of ordering a salad for my entree) I make a point of perusing their gourmet greens for inspiration.  The mouthwatering dish below was discovered on one such occasion. It's nearly identical to one from Sweetsalt, a gourmet eatery in Toluca Lake created by Alex Eusebio - Top Chef contestant from a few years back. 

It features so many beautiful, fresh flavors that, when combined, meld together in to one perfect little bite.  Rich, creamy burrata.  Sweet cantaloupe.  Light, smokey prosciutto.  Earthy arugula.  Top it off with a little olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar and that's it!