April 22, 2012

Party Game: Guess The Celebrity

Last night, it was Ryan and my turn (is that proper grammar?) to host a dinner party for for two of our favorite LA couple friends.  After all the wine and appetizers and Southern-inspired food was eaten, we considered our options for the rest of the night.  Card game?  Trivial Pursuit?  Charades?  

We settled on a game of Guess The Celebrity with a questionable lack of rules.  Basically everyone writes down a handful of celebrity names (real or fictional) and puts them in a fish bowl.  We split in to two teams and everyone had 1 minute to get their team to guess as many celebrities as they could.  The only think you couldn't say was the celebrities name.  Hilarity ensued.  

Kim Kardashian - "Big butt. Sex tape."
Christina Aguilera - "Big boobs. Reality singing show."
Paula Deen - "Eats a lot of meat. Diabetes. Food Network."
Elizabeth Smart - "Kidnapped and held in the woods. Mormon"
John Hamm - "Hot guy from Mad Men."
Katniss Everdeen - "Hot main chick in Hunger Games."
Chevy Chase - "Comedian who likes to fall down stairs."
Michael J Fox - "Has that shaky disease. Family Ties."
Sarah Jessica Parker - "Married to Ferris Bueller" 
Kate Winslet - "Titanic. Shows her boobs a lot in movies."
Michael Jackson - "Thriller. Might have touched boys."
Tom Cruise - "Might be gay. Risky Business." 
Rosie O'Donnell - "Definitely gay. Talk show host. Not Ellen."
Steadman - "Oprah's man friend."
Buster Bluth - "Pass." 
Octomom - "8 Babies! 8 Babies!"
Tim Tebow - "Jesus quarterback."

As the night went on, the celebrities got markedly weirder.

Cliff Clavin
Jo Polniaczek
Jared From Subway
Alfred E. Newman
ee cummings
Dick Cavett
Steven Seagal
Chaz Bono
Michael Bolton

I think I speak for everyone when I say we could have done this all night.  But it was 11:30 and we aren't 21.  Highly recommend as party entertainment for your next get together.  I promise you'll die laughing.


Christine said...

This sounds AH-MAH-ZING! I want to play!

E said...

I'm sure the game would benefit from a touch of fancy...and your refined pop culture knowledge.