April 29, 2012

Etched Coffee Container

I've been wanting to do some iteration of this project for ages and finally got around to it tonight.  Ryan and I are big coffee drinkers.  Starbucks.  7Eleven.  Coffee Bean.  And of course home brewed.  

Instead of storing our coffee in the bag that it comes in, I wanted to make something cute and counter-worthy.  Enter my glass etching project below.  To be perfectly honest, this was the single most difficult craft I've ever done.  It's really hard to get the letters etched cleanly without any smudges.  I had to use a teeny tiny paint brush to touch up these problem areas after I was done but I think it turned out nicely.  Enjoy. 

First, gather up a piece of paper with your lettering printed or traced.  Using an Xacto knife, cut out the area that you want to have imprinted and tape it on to your glass object. 

Then, grab a paint brush and some Armour Etch.  Paint on a thick layer.  Be very careful...this stuff is more or less acid.  Seriously.  After 5 minutes, rinse it off.  Depending on how successful you were with this first round of Armour Etch, you may or may not be done.  If the lettering (or pattern) is crooked, use a tiny paint brush to re-apply the etching creme in the areas you may have messed up.  

My crafty project involved etching the word coffee on the glass container below.  You could do any number of things though: initials on wine or juice glasses, a pattern on glass plates, a special date etched on a glass picture frame, etc.  


Christine said...

I love this! Etched glass is so classy.

E said...

Etched glass is HARD! ;)

Sarah said...

Ummm, make me one!!! :)