April 14, 2012

Citrus Felt Coasters

Like me, you've probably been racking your brain, reaching deep down inside yourself to answer the question:

"What would be a great craft project using felt?"

Or maybe these are just my internal monologues.  Regardless...fret not my friends, because I have the solution for you.  Thanks to everyone's new addiction, Pinterest, I have a slew of crafts in the queue for Practically Martha.  Starting with these brightly colored citrus coasters made of...FELT!

As with all crafty projects, you'll first need to gather your supplies.  You'll need:

4 citrus colored pieces of felt
(I used orange, green, yellow and pink)
1-2 cream/white pieces
Sewing pins
Needle & thread
Several glasses in a variety of sizes
A pen or marker

Using the largest of your glasses (I used a circular coaster), place it on one of the brightly colored pieces of felt, tracing along the outside.  Do this twice and cut out two circles. 

Using the medium sized glass, trace and cut out one circle from the cream/white felt. 

(I bet you can guess where I'm going with this last step)

Using the smallest glass, trace and cut out one circle from the bright colored felt. 

Grab one of the large, bright colored circles, the medium cream circle and the little citrus triangle slices you've made.  Note: you can add the look of seeds to these by folding the triangle in half and cutting out a little notch.

Pin them together like the photo below and then start stitching the slices on one by one.  This will also adhere the cream piece. 

Next, line up the other large circle as backing for your coaster.  Sew along the middle of the 'rind' of the coaster, knot and you're done!


Michelle said...

ADORABLE! Such a great summer gift idea.
And actually I have the same thoughts, so you're not alone :)

E said...

Thanks Michelle! :)

jessica v said...

I LOVE these. So much fun.

E said...

Thanks Tita! :)

Emm said...

These are so very cute:)

Sara said...

Love these!