March 13, 2012

Merci. Gracias. Thank You.

I love the art of a hand written message.  Since college, I've saved every single card and letter that I've received for a variety of occasions:  birthdays, holidays, graduations and the classic thank you note.  It's so much fun to open up a box of old notes and read through them anew years down the road.

The thank you note will never go out of style.  It's a simple, thoughtful way to say you appreciate someone or something that could never be properly communicated via text, email or Facebook post.  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending my birthday with a group of my favorite people, many of whom I owe a little thank you note.  There are so many to choose from though...which do you like the best?

Etsy - Rainbow by Almond Crafts
$15 for set of 10

Vintage Thank You by Paper Source
$13 for set of 8

Rose by Kate Spade
$20 for set of 10

Etsy - Blue & Orange by Ink Press Letterpress
$14 for set of 6

Multi Thanks by Kate Spade
$30 for set of 10

Marigolds by Paper Source
$12.50 for set of 10

Etsy - Typewriter by Rachel Ink
$10 for set of 10 flat cards