March 3, 2012

10 Martha-Worthy Moments In Film & TV

One of my favorite things in life - other than baked macaroni and cheese or chardonnay - has always been movies and TV.  By the time I was in preschool, I could quote and sing along with The Wizard of Oz like a little toe headed Judy Garland.  By the time I graduated college, I could recite scenes from Sex and The City like a little crass mouthed Carrie Bradshaw.    

When I posted the Liz Lemon picture on here a few days ago, it got me thinking about how many classic crafting, cooking, cleaning and other Martha-worthy moments there are in film and television, including my Top 10 favorites below for your enjoyment.

#10 Happy Endings 
Penny, Max and Jane slave away with glue sticks and magazine cut-outs to visualize their dreams in to reality one poster board at a time. 

#9 Julie & Julia
Julie masters the dreaded de-boned duck stuffed in a pastry recipe and gets engaged at her rooftop dinner party.  Double win!

#8 Mean Girls
Markers have never been used for a project so vicious.

#7 National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
Clark Griswald's Christmas lighting fiasco will go down as one of the best (and worst) Christmas decorating endeavors in history. 

#6 Ghost
Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze share a passionate pottery session.

#5 American Beauty
In what can only be described as a Windex-induced mania, Carolyn Burnham scrubs, squeegees and vacuums along to her slightly creepy "I will sell this house today" mantra. 

#4 Sex & The City
Jennifer Coolidge's suddenly single character channels her heartache in to making hideous purses...then has a nervous breakdown. 

#3 The Sound Of Music
Ever-resourceful governess Maria unleashes some serious sewing skills to turn curtains in to play clothes for the Von Trapp children.

#2 Bridesmaids
Bankrupt Cake Baby owner Annie Walker whips up a single, sad (albeit gorgeous) cupcake to the tune of Fiona Apple.  

#1 Cinderella 
Cinderelly's sweet little animal friends pitch in to make her a dress for the royal ball.  How could you watch this scene and not get warm fuzzies?  And cry a little when her evil step sisters tear it apart...bitches.