February 7, 2012

Spring / Valentine's Day Tissue Paper Wreath

I love wreaths.  They're festive and classic and easy to make.  Including the bright pink tissue paper wreath I made for spring slash Valentine's Day and to add a splash of color to our fireplace mantle.  You only need a handful of items to make one:  a styrofoam circle thingy, tissue, a glue gun, ribbon and scissors or similar sharp object. 

Before you get started, take your tissue paper and cut in to little 5x7 squares.  You'll need about 100 of them.

Using your scissors, poke little holes about 1/2" deep in the styrofoam.  They should be spaced fairly close together.  Then, take a sheet of your tissue paper and fold it up like you would a pocket square, with a pointed tip. 

Put a little hot glue in to one of the holes and then push the tip of the tissue paper in, holding for a few seconds until the glue sets. *that's what she said*
Do this a few dozen times and you'll have yourself a tissue wreath like the one below.  To hang it, I took about 12" of ribbon and looped it at the top of the wreath, using hot glue to attach it.