February 17, 2012

Kung Fu Inspired Birthday Invites

One of my nearest and dearest friends Celeste is harboring a deep dark secret.  She is actually Super Woman.  Case in point, the darling little Kung Fu themed birthday invitations she crafted for her equally darling, soon-to-be 3-year-old son Cole.  Or should I say, Master Cole. 

No detail was spared, from the Chinese New Year postage stamps to the bright red tassel tie that held together the scroll invitation.

 It arrived rolled up in a sheet of vintage Chinese paper and secured with layers of packing tape.
A bright red, tassel tie held together the scroll invitation...
...which she formed using two bamboo sticks and rice paper soaked in diluted coffee to give it an authentic, aged look. (seriously)
Using a Chinese-inspired font, the Empress Of The Panda Palace (Dudderar Dynasty) put the finishing touches on what's sure to go down in history as the most beautiful and creative birthday invitation ever.


Michelle said...

WOW - extremely impressive!! The detail in the invites alone is amazing. I can only imagine the party will also go down in history as well!!

E said...

Yeah, she's pretty insanely awesome!

I'm sad you haven't been blogging! Are you in wedding mode?? :)

Unknown said...

I am so very flattered you featured cole's invitation on practically Martha!!!! What an honor! Can't wait for the Chinese fun on the 3rd!!!