February 13, 2012

Dear Baby Wipes, I Love You

I don't have a baby.  Which make me feel like an impostor when I buy baby wipes at the grocery store.  Seriously, I actually get a tad paranoid that people will see my ring-less left hand and send judging looks my way, asking themselves why on Earth I need them.  Which is funny, because I generally don't give a f--- what people think of me.  See Exhibit A: the litany of dumpy clothes I'm willing to wear while running errands.

I first started using these little gems to clean my hands when on-the-go.

Then, after spending enough weekends at my friend Celeste's house (who has not one, but two adorable little boys) I started using them to remove my makeup when too lazy to saunter in to the bathroom and wash my face. 

My latest obsession is using them to clean just about anything.  Counter tops, toilet seats, dirty hands, gym shoes, gun barrels, the interior of my car, computer keyboards, the fridge, my bathroom sink, etc.  For only a fraction of the cost of Lysol wipes and without any questionable chemicals, you can have a spic and span house...and face.

And that is why I love you baby wipes.


Michelle said...

They're also fantastic for cleaning the ink off stamps, wiping up spilled glitter...you know every day craft emergencies :)

E said...

Ooooooh, glitter cleanup! That's a fantastic idea!!!

S.B. said...

I use them to do a quick wipe-down of inside of my microwave.