January 28, 2012

Sweet Valentine's Day Etsy Finds

I have a wish list of dozens upon dozens of prints I've been ogling on Etsy for God only knows how long.  I have to stop, breathe, wait and remind myself that I don't want my apartment to end up looking like a circus with a hodgepodge of mix and match artwork.  So I wait.  And I ogle. 

Ryan purchased the Etsy print below for me and it's one of my favorite gifts he's ever given me.  It combines three of my true loves in life:  blogs, coffee and him.  It gives me warm, fuzzy feelings every time I see it hanging above our bed.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite lovey dovey Etsy prints and cards, starting with the hilarious one below that my friend Jessica's husband Jeff gave her one Valentine's Day.


Sarah said...

I love the one you guys have in your room!