January 23, 2012

Easy Appetizer: Castelvetrano Olives & Peppadew Goat Cheese Peppers

I'm often at a loss for what to serve as a pre-dinner appetizer when friends or family are over.  My go-to menu is usually something along the lines of cheese + crackers + veggies + hummus.  All delicious and totally app-worthy but it's time-consuming to chop up vegetables and cheese isn't the healthiest snack to nosh on.  The colorful finger foods above are a unique and tasty option, starting with... 

...the bright green olives that I have become OBSESSED with.  They're Castelvetrano olives and I have picked up a big tub of them on my last 10+ grocery trips.  You can usually find them at your grocery store's olive bar.  They have a really firm, meaty texture and a nice balance of salty and sweet without the acidic 'bite' you find in other olive breeds.  

Pair them with some Peppadew peppers with their mild, sweet heat and some creamy goat cheese stuffed inside for a sophisticated but super simple appetizer.  Voila!