January 1, 2012

DIY Framed Jewelry Holder

I've been on a major crafting binge the past week and got a key project crossed off my wish list yesterday: a DIY framed jewelry holder!  I usually keep most of my everyday baubles in one of those Anthropologie fabric jewelry boxes but they always manage to get tangled up and knotted.  I also tend to forget to wear things when they're stored out of sight so I wanted a clean, un-cluttered way to display my key pieces.  Here's what you'll need to make your own!

Picture Frame 
(the one below is 11x14)
Glue Gun
Xacto Knife

1.  I wanted my frame to have a distressed, Shabby Chic look but I couldn't find a white frame that fit the bill so I decided to spray paint the one below.  Aaron Brothers is having their One Cent Sale (Buy 1 Frame, Get One For A Penny) through the end of January so I got two for only $20.  Lay your frame out on a trash bag or other protective surface, preferably outdoors...unless you enjoy the smell of spray paint like those weirdos who like the smell of gasoline.

2.  Spray white until you achieve your desired look and let dry for a few hours.

3. While you're waiting for your frame to dry, get out your cork board, Sharpie, Xacto knife and the backing from your frame. Lay the back down on the cork board.

4-5.  Trace the outline of the frame backing with your marker, then cut out using your Xacto knife.

6.  Mount your cork board cutout on the frame backing using your hot glue gun.  I actually added two layers of cork since the only cork I could find was very thin and I didn't want it to be too flimsy.

7.  Replace the frame backing. 

Then, simply hang your new frame and mount your jewelry using your T-pins!  From start-to-finish, this only took a few hours and that was mainly the time it took for the frame to dry!

Happy New Year!


It's Jess! said...

i recognize those T-pins... from my cubicle

Sara G. said...

Another great addition is to add chicken wire on top of the corkboard. That way you can clip necklaces and hang earrings without pins.