December 4, 2011

Unique Birthday Cards For Kids

Even at a young age, I loved when my Nanny would send me subtly grown-up cards without the standard eye-jarring colors and die cut TV characters.  They were un-commercialized...not something you just picked up at a Walgreens.  They made me feel special.  

From Etsy to your locally owned stationary story, there are so many choices for kids birthday cards today that are sophisticated, stylish and will be loved by little recipients.  Here are just a few for your enjoyment:

Top: Egg Press
Middle: Smock Paper
Bottom: Hello Lucky


David Daniels said...

These are great! Very creative!!! So much better than a card with a photograph of a real dog with cartoon eyes spouting a dialogue bubble that says "Doggone it have a great birthday!!!"

E said...

Totally agree! The over-commercialized ones can get kinda tacky...

Michelle Kiers said...

i love letterpress cards and stationary. also love that you have a Nanny. i have a Nana...who incidentally is a wonderful cross stitcher. congrats on the blog, it's great!