December 9, 2011

O' Christmas Mantle, O' Christmas Mantle

Guess what I decided to use all my new Christmas ornaments for?!?  We didn't put a tree up this year, mainly because when the thought crossed my mind, I looked at the calendar and it was already December 8th.  So, I opted to make my own Christmas centerpiece of sorts using our fireplace mantle.

As with most crafts, this was must easier than it looks...mainly just a tad time-consuming.  To create your own  You'll need your ornaments, fishing wire, crimping beads, pliers and some thumb tacks.  Loop a section of fishing wire through top of your ornament, then slip a crimping bead on, closing it using your pliers to create a secure 'knot'.  Repeat at the other end of your fishing wire so you have a loop to affix to your mantle with a thumbtack.  It should look like this when you're done.  Vary the spacing and hanging lengths and you're left with your floating ornament mobile!