December 31, 2011

New Year = New Closets

Ryan was out of town this week, which means that in addition to wearing my most hideous pajama pants and drinking all of his nice beer, I got to enjoy a bit of R&R: rabid re-organizing.  When I mentioned to my less orderly other half that I was cleaning out our closets, he sounded perplexed. "But I thought they were already pretty clean..."  Oh, Ryan...sweet, naive Ryan.

Now, I won't go all Gwyneth Paltrow on you and wax on about how I just love polishing silver and always hand wash my delicates in dye-free detergent made from plant extract.  I'm not that kind of cleaner.  My oven has burnt pieces of food stuck on it that smell up my kitchen when I bake and until the other night, it looked like a vagrant with an aptitude for wreath-making had taken up residence in our hall closet.  The latter was remedied by a quick trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and a bit of elbow grease this past Thursday night.  I only wish I had 'before' pictures to share but, alas, in the midst of my OCD glee I forgot to take them! 

My first stop was our entry closet.  Without these new chrome shelves and tote bins, I was left to stack things on the floor of my hall closet like some disorderly, real-life game of Jenga.  The best part about my new shelving unit is that it's super heavy duty and holds up to 500lbs...the equivalent of one sewing machine and 3,000 glue sticks!

Next, I moved on to Ryan's closet in our guest bedroom.  Before my organization intervention, Ryan used the floor as his primary storage technique for his running clothes.  This set of hanging shelves made by Real Simple did the trick and I love that you can break them apart and hang side-by-side as two shorter columns.  There's also a little pouch on each side where you can store belts, scarfs or special pieces of jewelry*. 

PS: Guess who also loves Real Simple's storage bins for tucking away seasonal clothes?!?  This girl! 

* just checking to see if you are still reading my blog Mr. Bocskay


H said...

ahhh.... i just did the same thing to Dave on Friday... great minds think a like I see !

E said...

How's your closet space over there?? I hear they have lots of walk-ins in Los Angeles...just sayin' :) (miss you)

Anonymous said...