December 2, 2011

Have You Met My Friend, Folex?

Thank god Ryan and I have mostly hardwood floors because I am a complete and total spaz when it comes to spilling stuff.  For my occasional stain incidents though, I have the world's best kept secret to share with you:  Folex.

When I say that this stuff will literally get any stain out of your carpet and upholstery, I'm still not doing it justice.  It's a wonder to me that they haven't totally monopolized the stain removing business and kicked the asses of Resolve, Oxi Clean and all the other crap out there that's not Folex.

Here's a list of the stuff their website says it will remove: Beach Tar, Road Tar, Blood, Copy Toner, Inks, Varnish, Shoe Polish.  Holy moly! Add to that list the everyday stuff like makeup and coffee and you have one awesome stain fighter! You also have me admitting that I'm officially a huge dork for being this excited about a cleaning supply.