December 25, 2011

Cross Stitch Family Portrait

Ryan's Mom, Carol, knows how much I love counted cross stitch so I was excited when she told me about this article in Martha Stewart Living about how to cross stitch your own family portrait.  I've included a few photos from the article below for reference but there are even more on with cute examples of how to personalize each family member with different items of clothing, accessories, hair styles, etc.  Create your pattern either on graph paper or in Excel by making each cell into a little square.

I decided to make one for Carol as a homemade Christmas gift and as a thank you for sharing this great idea with me.  Below is the before shot of Ryan, Carol, Kirsti and Sophie on Aida 16 count fabric, as well as the after shot once framed.


It's Jess! said...

this is so uber cute!!

Katie said...


carrie said...

E! - Can I commission you to make one of these for us? Cross-stitching and I never really got along, but I so want one of these of our little family!!