November 22, 2011

Simple Succulent Terrariums

If - like me - you lack the proverbial green thumb, then succulents are the pet plant you've been looking for.  They require very little watering and only indirect sunlight. They are the low-maintenance girlfriend of botany.   So - you ask - what do you need to do to create your own gorgeous succulent arrangement?
  • Glass containers/vases
  • Cactus/succulent potting mix
  • Pebbles / rocks
  • Succulents
  • Newspaper

Step #1: Gather your supplies and lay them out on a layer of newspaper to help keep your home clean.

Step #2: Make sure that you have a nice variety of succulents - small, large, furry, prickly, rounded, get the point.

Step #3: Clean off the inside of your glass containers with Windex. Add a small layer of pebbles to the bottom of your container. This is nice for giving a layered look to your pieces but also provides drainage for the plants themselves.

Step #4: Add a healthy layer of soil on top of the pebbles. You can make this as large or smaller as you'd like, depending on how tall your plants are.

Step #5: Plant your succulents! I tried to crumble some of the packed soil off the bottom of them, then scooped a small hole to place the succulent in. Pack a little soil on top.

Step #6: Add a layer of pebbles on top of the soil and...voila, simple, beautiful succulent arrangements! Keep in indirect sunlight and water sparsely every 2-3 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Can you stripe different types of soil? I live in the desert and using stripes of red would look interesting, but would it be okay for the plants?

E said...

I think you could if you maybe layered towards the bottom (away from the roots of the succulents). They're pretty low-maintenance plants that seem to survive in most conditions...

Alysa Seeland said...

These are SO beautiful! I am a DIY destructo so I'm always on the prowl for doable DIY projects! Thanks for the tips :)

E said...

Thanks so much Alysa! Glad you like them. :)